made with paper

So, why Scribbled Glasses?

Initially I was going to keep my old domain name and just update the hell out of it, turning the website from a random "HEY GUYS THIS IS ME AND MY STUFF" page on the internet into a full-fledged portfolio for what I spend so much of my time doing.

I had planned to title the website "Zeph's Free Range Designs," initially chosen to say that I found using mixed mediums in the apps and programs I draw on to be liberating, which was a reason I prefer digital art to more physical types like painting or sketching. But then I took a sick day from work and was hiding from the world, attempting to draw a quick picture of myself as a way of expressing how dreadful I felt -- and I realized I'd been drawing those glasses for over a decade.

My main comic-y little drawings are usually based around myself (they say to write what you know, and I think drawing is more or less the same), and while the haircuts and face shape changed, those glasses basically stayed consistent. Mostly, I suspect, because my own glasses have been a constant in my life and most likely will be for the foreseeable future.