Let's see how this goes

I've been out of the workforce for basically two weeks now, and for the most part, things are actually going really well. The problem is, I just received my last paycheck from my previous job and that brings a certain amount of nervousness that is not fun to deal with.

I've spent the morning looking around for potential ways to bring in money that don't require working for someone else right now, and decided to put up my services as a photo-illustrator-person on Fiverr. It's kind of a long shot, but I'm giving it a chance for no other reason than "why the hell not?" with a side of "what do I have to lose?"

Meanwhile, I know I haven't produced anything in the last few days, mostly due to some unforeseen body pain. I had been using our dining room table as a desk, which exacerbated some shoulder/arm issues I acquired after a decade spent typing at a poorly-planned desk.  Robin and I found a desk better suited to my needs and I then tweaked my lower back trying to move things around our house to make room in our den. Good job, me!

On the upside, Robin and I have now set up our den to better accommodate our office needs and I am slowly on the mend. So, starting next week, expect to see some new work and writing! 

Seriously. Being not-creative is kind of awful, especially when you technically have the time for it!