Haven't even let the dust settle yet

To say the past month has been busy would be an understatement. My fiance and I have moved and have actually mostly unpacked, which is a new thing for me. I've made several moves over the last six years, and haven't actually unpacked in any of them to any real extent.

Not only that, but we have a computer desk set up (did that today!) as well as a corner of the living room dedicated to my non-computer art endeavors. I am, at the very least, incredibly excited -- so much so that I decided to bust out my wacom tablet and try to get some drawing done. The new plan is to get back into drawing daily again, which I hadn't done since moving in with Robin. The new computer set up makes it easier to spend time with him while also getting my own projects done, so I look forward to testing this out.


My first sketch attempt is this:

This Old Map, made with Corel Painter 12

The only real problem I foresee will be attempting to keep the cats off me while I'm messing with paints and canvas. But I'll tackle that when the time comes...or let myself be tackled by very furry troublemakers who may or may not end up oddly colored in the end.