*insert eerie noise of an eye that floats on air*

Haven't done much computer art the past few days, but I've started up my comic again. Sort of.  We shall see how it goes.

But yeah. I decided to spend the evening eating bad food, watching netflix, and drawing. I was thinking about Castle Crashers, one of my favorite games, which has a pet system. And one of the pets is the Beholder, which is essentially a floating eyeball beast thing. They've been in other games, and was a D&D creature initially. For some reason, I decided I wanted to have a go at it. Sort of.

Worst Scary Eye Creature Ever, made in corel painter

I...oh god, I forgot the mouth! ...ugh. No, not changing it now. I'm tired. I'll consider doing another one another time. Just...not soon. Or something.