Atmosphere and Chicken Tenders

I've been wanting to get a new desktop for a while, mostly because the one I have is best used to house my ridiculously large iTunes library and to surf the web, and very little else. I had been doing art on it, but found that after a certain number of layers, the computer had trouble keeping up. Trying to create art while dealing with lag is frustrating at best.

So I bought a new desktop.

This was partially inspired by the fact that my fiance recently purchased a new gaming laptop to replace his old one that decided to act up after an unfortunate soda accident, I'll admit. Watching him play Skyrim on the beautifully large monitor was drool-worthy, and I'm nothing if not prone to wanting things I don't have, especially when others have them.

So as I desktop.

Buying a well-stocked desktop means I now have the computing power to actually do things I couldn't quite manage before. On top of that, I was given the gift of a new tablet, which works beautifully with a powerful desktop and whatnot. So! Proof that I'm creating things:

Wallpaper for Robin.

I sketched it out in the aptly-named Sketchbook Pro before throwing it over to Photoshop to color it. I had promised my fiance a desktop background for his new computer, and so I did. Before I colored it, though, he thought I was drawing a butt. And the foliage along the upper edge isn't convincing me I didn't actually accidentally draw a butt.


Anyway. I'm happy with it, and that's ultimately what matters, butt or not.