Hey, I just met you

Between school and life and wedding planning, I've been busy. When you eventually have nothing to do but everything, it's hard to sit down and be productive without, you know, forcing yourself to make time for something that ultimately makes you feel good.

Basically, I've been bad at doing that lately.

What I *have* been doing, though, has been staring at page after page of ancient Norse and Celtic -inspired wedding dresses, Viking-ish decoration ideas, and any number of things that made me want to create a piece of art just to see if I could do it.


That's where this came in:

First Sight, made entirely with Photoshop

All I know is, it took me several hours. I just need to practice more so I can speed up the process. But, ultimately, I'm happy with it. I'd love it if the blog page showed the whole image, though. That'd be swell. (Do me a favor and click on the image; it'll show the whole thing the way it was intended. Sigh. ART IS DIFFICULT SOMETIMES, IN THIS CASE THROUGH NO FAULT OF ITS OWN, BUT STILL GRRR)

I've also had "Call Me Maybe" stuck in my head for the past few hours, which I'm less happy about.

You win some, you lose some. I'm okay with having a mixed bag tonight, I guess.