Sometimes we do stupid things...

I've been researching archival printing lately, thinking about trying my hand at, you know, actually making my work generally available to the public. Strange, but there you have it. So while my husband was out of the house for a bit and the kiddo was asleep, I spent almost two hours working on something that might look neat turned into a physical piece of art.

I started in Illustrator and then dove over to Photoshop, happily coloring and layering, etc, for a good hour or so. Happy with it, I fiddled with a few things, flattened the image, and then saved it for the web.


Then I realized I had never saved it as an un-flattened not-a-jpg.


...okay, whatever. We shall see how thoroughly bad of an idea that was at a later date. But for now, I'm happy with my utter mess of an artistic failure: