And the only way to beat it is to bat it down

I've been spending more time drawing on my ipad, getting used to drawing a daily me-centric comic-thing again. Figured I'd sit down and do something more worthwhile art-wise. So I popped a Lewis Black special on netflix and went to town. I'm enjoying this kaleidoscope mode a great deal, but I keep drawing things that remind me of being stuck somewhere with very high walls.

This time, it's like we're Timmy, waiting for Lassie to come back with help.

"Bottom of a Broken Well," made in Corel Painter

Here's hoping Lassie comes back's spooky down here...


Heel for heel and toe for toe

I spent the evening eating Indian food and drawing and listening to random covers on Spotify. Somehow this led me to listening to a number of versions of Mairi's Wedding, which is where the post title came from.

Anyway. I was playing with the kaleidoscope mode again, but this time I only used it to set up the outline. I colored it by hand and did a few fancy things. Not really fancy, but we'll say it's fancy just to sound fancier.

Or something.

"View of the Top," made with corel painter


Same thing, different day

So I was woken up way too early again by a 15lb cat tackling's very hard to sleep through that, so I decided to be productive instead. I fired up ye olde Corel Painter (as I am wont to do) and decided to play around with kaleidoscope mode -- something I didn't know existed until yesterday. Over the course of several hours, I drank coffee, ate some toast, and drew the following:

"kaleidoscope 1", made with corel painter

All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I suspect I'll play with kaleidoscope mode again in the future. Next? I'll have to check out mirror mode, which I suspect I may have less use for.