Holy crap.

So after last night's practice drawing, I felt upset and useless. Three months had passed and apparently I had lost whatever ability I had had to begin with.

Then I realized something.

Kids, a tip: when you set up a desktop again after three months away and you use a new graphics tablet....make sure to update the driver for it. I don't mean letting Windows just recognize the hardware and then using it. I mean going to the website of the tablet maker and downloading it.

I did that and felt instantly more at home with the new tablet, the different screen, etc.

Here's what I spent the evening working on while watching Jim Gaffigan's "Mr Universe" and Kevin Smith's "Burn in Hell:"

"Before the Attack," made in Corel Painter

All-in-all, I feel better. This felt more like me, though the lines were drawn with a different type of brush than normal, so it's a bit weird to me. But yeah. This is an updated version of my Ninja piece from my One Shot Nina Comics. I'm not happy with the lines, but it makes me happier than yesterday did.

And look. It's got the scribbled glasses in it. That's all that matters.