Heel for heel and toe for toe

I spent the evening eating Indian food and drawing and listening to random covers on Spotify. Somehow this led me to listening to a number of versions of Mairi's Wedding, which is where the post title came from.

Anyway. I was playing with the kaleidoscope mode again, but this time I only used it to set up the outline. I colored it by hand and did a few fancy things. Not really fancy, but we'll say it's fancy just to sound fancier.

Or something.

"View of the Top," made with corel painter


Same thing, different day

So I was woken up way too early again by a 15lb cat tackling me...it's very hard to sleep through that, so I decided to be productive instead. I fired up ye olde Corel Painter (as I am wont to do) and decided to play around with kaleidoscope mode -- something I didn't know existed until yesterday. Over the course of several hours, I drank coffee, ate some toast, and drew the following:

"kaleidoscope 1", made with corel painter

All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I suspect I'll play with kaleidoscope mode again in the future. Next? I'll have to check out mirror mode, which I suspect I may have less use for.


It's too early...

...to be up and to be productive. But this is apparently what happens when my boyfriend is out of town and I have nothing else to do. I've got two weeks to myself (for the most part) to fiddle around with Corel Painter and watch Netflix and...ah...World of Warcraft.

But for now...more practice art! This time, 'watercolor:'

'watercolor practice' made with corel painter.

Nothing impressive, but trying to get back into the swing of things. So...TAKE THAT, INTERNET.


Holy crap.

So after last night's practice drawing, I felt upset and useless. Three months had passed and apparently I had lost whatever ability I had had to begin with.

Then I realized something.

Kids, a tip: when you set up a desktop again after three months away and you use a new graphics tablet....make sure to update the driver for it. I don't mean letting Windows just recognize the hardware and then using it. I mean going to the website of the tablet maker and downloading it.

I did that and felt instantly more at home with the new tablet, the different screen, etc.

Here's what I spent the evening working on while watching Jim Gaffigan's "Mr Universe" and Kevin Smith's "Burn in Hell:"

"Before the Attack," made in Corel Painter

All-in-all, I feel better. This felt more like me, though the lines were drawn with a different type of brush than normal, so it's a bit weird to me. But yeah. This is an updated version of my Ninja piece from my One Shot Nina Comics. I'm not happy with the lines, but it makes me happier than yesterday did.

And look. It's got the scribbled glasses in it. That's all that matters.


So...here goes...

After a few weeks of hemming and hawing, I think I'm mostly set on the look of my website. Which is obvious, given you're apparently reading this. On top of this, I've also set my desktop computer up and turned it on for the first time since the first week of May.


I've been doing all of my art and whatnot on my ipad, which is lovely, but I'm apparently getting rusty at computer-based art since it's been nearly three or four months since I've busted out the graphics tablet and started my good friend Corel Painter.

This is what I finished as my "welcome back" piece:

"rebuilding the elders," corel painter.

I think of these as my "machines." I'm not entirely sure what their deal is, except they're supposed to basically be sentient erector sets. They make me feel sad, but I still like drawing them. There are a few on the main page, if you click through enough times. I don't like this as much as the ones on the front page, but that's because this looks mediocre and lame in comparison...and definitely took me a half-hour at the most. Woo, practice pieces.

All I know is, the slowness of this desktop reminds me why I wasn't too upset at not using it in the first place. On top of that, I'm getting used to a new graphics tablet and a new monitor, etc...all of which spells disaster for me.

Or else these are just excuses.


I'll get back in the saddle. Or I won't, and I'll be a sad sack for the rest of my life.